Khalid Al-Khuzairi

Lawyer & legal advisor (Supreme)-Oman

  • Judge at the Administrative Judiciary Court with
    the rank of Senior Assistant Adviser for the
    period from January 2007 to November 2020.
  • Head of the Technical Office of the Administrative Court.
  • Member of the Technical Secretariat of the
    Jurisdiction Dispute and Judgments Authority
    of the Supreme Court.
  • Bachelor of Laws from Beirut Arab University, 2000
    Clerk at the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and
    Telephone from 1988 until late 1989.
  • Master (Diploma in Public Law Diploma in
    Administrative Sciences) from Ain Shams
  • Worked at Diwan of Royal Court since 1990, then
    at Administrative judiciary Court since 2002.
  • Head of legal department (2003), Director of the
    Judicial Affairs Department (2004-2005), Senior
    assistant advisor.
  • Holds two courses in preparing the arbitrator
    from the Arbitration Center for Rights, Ain
    Shams University in the Arab Republic of Egypt
    in 2004
  • Decision in the committee formed to amend the
    law of the Administrative Court of Justice in
  • Member of the committee formed to amend the
    Tourism Law in 2020
  • A member of the committee formed by the decision of the President of the Supreme Court to
    amend the decision on allowances for judges,
    members of the Administrative Court and members of the Public Prosecution
  • Participated in many seminars, workshops and
    conferences (internationally and internally)
    related to law and administrative judiciary
  • Chairman of the Screening Committee of the
    Shura Council elections for the year 2010
  • Present in many working papers at the Higher
    Judicial Institute, the Diplomatic Institute at the
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of
    Justice and the Administrative Court

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