When it comes to a civil dispute, early advice and intervention is extremely helpful. This is where our team can be of help. The legal practice of Dr. Ahmed Said Al Jhwari based in Oman has acquired an excellent reputation for providing legal advices with good outcomes. Our team has expertise in providing legal support for all corporate & civil litigation matters in Oman.

We advise on all legal entities and organizations such as general partnership companies, limited liability companies, public companies, associations, and foundations. Serving the communities in and around Muscat, our legal consultants, provides effective remedies and governs disputes between individuals in such areas as contracts, property, wills, debts and personal injury.

  • Provide legal piece of advice and opinions in various branches of the civil law.
  • Plead and direct civil prosecution and disputes in all courts in different degrees: primary, appellate and upper .
  • Follow up decisions of the issued rules from the different courts till reaching the total right .
  • Drafting the civil contracts in a way that we preserve the rights of each one and avoid disagreements: Contracts of selling : gift : renting investment : loaning and mortgage , and other civil treated contracts.
  • Participate and pave the way to complete reconciliation and adjustments in civil disputes , claims and documentation in the form of contracts and agreements.

We help to provide remedies for legal issues such as:

  • business partnerships
  • contract law
  • matters of intellectual property
  • business agreements
  • litigation among business partners
  • dissolution of corporations
  • breach of contract
  • violations of confidentiality
  • environmental issues
  • debt recovery
  • negotiation
  • lawsuits involving employment law issues
  • civil rights violations, and more

Our professional team treats each project as unique and is focused on meeting each client’s specific goals. To discuss your requirements, call us. We will review your legal options and to help you take an informed decision.