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Dr. Ahmed Said Al Jhwari Law Firm

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Established in 2017, Dr. Ahmed Said Al Jahwari Law Frim is a fully integrated law firm that serves customers both in the Sultanate of Oman and outside of Oman. Our law company is one of the largest in the Sultanate and offers a wide range of legal services in all fields of law including civil law, commercial law, labour law, criminal service, sharia law, administrative and military law, etc. Dr. Ahmed Said Al Jahwari Law Frim Have Professional Malpractice Insurance.

With our highly skilled staff of over 40 legal professionals, we are able to resolve conflicts in a short time, due to the strong backing of 20 members of the management team. Our legal team does not only provide support for customers in Muscat, but owing to our regional support, we can also quickly contact customers in all regions of the Sultanate. In addition, we can offer legal advice and services in many languages through our multi-national experience of our Omani, Iraqi, Sudanese, Syrian, Iranian, British, American, Egyptian and Indian colleagues.


Honesty and commitment to our job is our most essential value. Our legal team has a strong structure, delivers the best quality legal services and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficiency, confidence and customer pleasure. Said Al Jhwari was established to be the mainstay of high noble legal principles, and one of the beacons of the law for showing the right in the Sultanate of Oman.


Our reputable law firm aims to guarantee justice and the rule of law. The objective is to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and inhabitants. “Justice is the outcome of conversation between an unbiased, independent judge and the free, honest lawyer,” as the classic phrase points out.


It also contributes to strengthening the institutions of state law and the laws of Oman, which were construed by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Renaissance leader of the country in all fields.


Prepare legal memoranda and statements of various cases


Arbitration and settlement of disputes, property registration


Legal representation inside and outside Oman


Legal consultancies in multiple languages


Contract drafting and reviewing; preparation of decisions and regulations


Company establishment, liquidation and governance


Create legal forums, seminars and workshops


Legal investigations and monitoring regulations